A short guide to traveling solo 

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If you looked around for this article then you must have some interest in traveling to random places just for fun or even if you’re looking to just get away. This article is going to serve as your short guide with traveling alone or solo. Well, that’s because guides when it comes to traveling can be very long and pretty boring to read through and this article has the purpose of helping you out to get to the good parts first. So here it goes: 

Travelling Solo 

  1. What should you be packing 

    Well to start off over packing is a terrible idea you must know that deep down and its most likely because of a terrible experience in the past where you had to carry around something really heavy on a long hike. But in all to tell you the truth packing shouldn’t really be a big stress because let’s assume you left where ever you were from with only your passport and ATM card and since you did that you must have some money in the bank right? Well if that’s the case then it’s not a big problem because just think about it if you go to any market or maybe even a mall you will most likely find everything you need there you will most likely only need some money and if you’re in a car and near the area you may want to take a look at Fort Wayne gas prices. 


  1. Traveling solo pros and consIf you are traveling alone then you need to read this part as soon as possible. So, some pros for traveling alone is you choose the pace. If you start to think that you want to spend more time in this one place then, go ahead spend more time and if suddenly you decide that you want to leave right that instant when you can and if you want to just head to the nearest motel and crash there because you can’t be bothered to visit another place then go ahead no one is going to complain about it because at the end of the day the only con to traveling alone is making that decision, that decision to go once you started to do so


  2. Alone with peopleyou probably take traveling solo to literally and will legit go travel alone but that isn’t always the case because if you are traveling alone you will most likely meet other people that are traveling alone and well you can enjoy the company with them especially if in hostels or maybe families that are trying outAirbnb. 

That’s just some of the few things you need while traveling but with that knowledge you will go far and if you know how to ask people around you will be fine and you would most likely meet the locals because of it and hey you never know how fun the locals can be especially when it comes to travelers. 


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